PTI – Dawn of a new era

Tehreek-e-Insaf at last did it, bringing hundreds and thousands of people to its platform, PTI chairman Imran Khan in his address to huge turn up of more than half million people, gave a historical speech and exposed his party agenda in detail, Although it was quite evident Imran Khan wanted to prove his power to other political parties and “Bravo’ he did it with some style. The procession was generally to initiate warnings to the government and specifically warning Muslim League (N)

In his address to the passionate crowed of tens of thousands, he claimed and revealed the party’ manifesto and program in the event of PTI’ success in the upcoming elections, he aimed to change the “corrupt patwari system’ to a computerized one and vowed to identify all the politicians who do not declare their assets and bring them to court of justice to investigate assets source.

He also mentioned that Pakistan is a rich country having vast natural resources, he claimed that 260 million tons coal resources proper utilization will enable Pakistan to not only to fulfill its own energy requirements but also can supply electricity to other countries.

Talking about foreign relations policy, he said, ‘we will be friends with U.S and help them in their withdrawal from Afghanistan but we will not be their slaves and will not initiate any military actions against our People.’ To justify his statement, he said, if America the superpower has not been able to beat Taliban, how could Pakistan and the Tribal people has been saying since the operation against Taliban started that the military actions and drones attack has worsened the situation as more and more military actions victims are joining Taliban to take revenge from Pakistan Army and US Armed Forces. Further he said, we will strengthen our relationship with China.

Imran Khan vowed that Pakistan will not beg to others, his claim that Imran Khan will rather die than begging others created a loud cheer from the charged crowd.

Talking about Asif Ali Zardari he said, Asif Zardari wrote letter to US to save him from Pakistan Army so that he could change generals and ‘polish American boats”. He further criticized that how could he claim to provide bread, clothe and shelter to rank and file as over 16,000 people committed suicide due to poverty in his reign.

He said his party also aimed to bring about police reforms in the country to improve the working of this institution. “We will depoliticize police and then get the SHO elected like the way it is done in America,” he added

He said condition of the villages will be improved and pledged to bring an end to military operation and target killings in Balochistan, which, he termed as a province rich in natural resources.. “We will make Balochis our brothers,” he added.

Pointing to the crowd, he said, Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif cannot stop this flood now. “This is not just a flood it is a Tsunami and anyone who tries to stand before it will be washed away.”

Tsunami of PTI supporters

Change is in the air. Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf’ historical procession at Minar e Pakistan today not only proved its fame among people but also the trend of the nation. Although majority of Punjab people historically inclined towards Muslim League and Peoples Party, now, the political scene has changed drastically, making the traditional politicians to think over their “traditional ways”. The million dollar question is that this turn out of thousands of supporters of Cricket hero turned politician will actually vote for him. History has been unfavorable for Imran Khan as the people before had trusted him with their charity and donation money but when it comes to vote, they say “Vote ‘Noon” da, vote te ‘Bhutto’ da.”

Today I went for dinner to a restaurant which is exclusively for students and labor living in the area, every vegetable dish or daal dish had a free add on, a chicken piece, it was the restaurant owner’ way of showing his support to Imran Khan. This inspiring and unique act of support forced me to consider, PTI not only has the young generation votes but also rank and file eagerly waiting for the election to confirm their support to the change.

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13 Comments for “PTI – Dawn of a new era”

  1. Syed Omair Ali

    Nice article. Loved last part.

    Its time for change, its time for PTI.

  2. Ali

    Nice Representation.

  3. abdul qadeer

    Hmm nice one…u reproduce the speech but with gud explanation of hidden messages of his speech.

  4. Amir Masood

    Nice …… but PTI should also focus the villages of pakistan as 70 % population of pakistan belong to villages

  5. why there is requirement that one should have identity card
    i wish i could vote on my birth certificate :P
    bu the way nice effoRt

  6. Toqeer Nawaz

    wd omfg lol

  7. sana khan

    really nice article….it really depicts that….”A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people”…. the speech content iz amazng……!!!!

  8. Muhammad faisal Yaqub

    Yp, i agree with all of u. Now the major question is “how to keep this crowed mobilize till coming elections and show the same spirit for getting support from Balochistan? May Allah Pak help us all to move in the right direction!

  9. amna ali


  10. Abbas

    one of finest i have ever read

  11. The above comment was not made by Abbas, I am damn sure about it. Hence a PTI follower named Masood is found guilty of cheating

  12. Ikram

    It was merely a translation of what Imran Khan said missing some songs and the first word he roared “Lahoreyooooooooo”

  13. Mujahid

    not good enough. i am the supporter of PPPP.

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